My Fab 5 of the Week- Feb 3

What a week!

1. My friend Lyndsay from The All My Love Blog came up this weekend for a visit.  We went shopping, studied together, got caught up on The Bachelor and went out to eat with our hubs. We had an awesome weekend!!! 
2. I found this on an end cap at walmart.  I started using it this week. I'm kinda iffy on it.  I was really hoping it would help with the shininess of my face....but it hasn't helped much. I also got the new Olay BB cream.  I think I am liking it so far :) 
3. Lily.  Oh, how I love this face! She is the sweetest dog. 
4.I am in love with this polish! Essie's Demure Vix
5. Oh dear! I started classes this week and I already feel lost :x 
However, I have an amazing friend in my class who helps me when I'm lost :)
I WILL make this week better!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Darlin! I really am that crazy chihuahua lady lol!

  2. fun photos!! and good luck in hard, you'll never regret it!

    1. Thank you! I need all the encouragement I can get!

  3. Oh that dog is adorable! Thanks for the follow. I'm excited to follow your blog as well!


  4. your dog is so cute and i love the color of the nail polish
    let's keep in touch! i am following you now via GFC. I hope you'll follow me back :)

    Stop by and say hi sometimes :)

    1. I would love to follow you back! As soon as I can get onto a computer, and not my phone, I will follow you back! :)

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