My Fab 5 of the Week- Feb 10

1. Yesterday, I had dinner with a great friend!!! I haven't seen him in over a year and it was great to meet up and chat over dinner.
2. I was having a horrible week.  I went to the mailbox and this is what I found:
I got the sweetest Valentines Day card from my dear friend Erin.  She is just too sweet.  That little card completely made up for the terrible week I was having. 
Erin is also the girl I go to when I want to buy a South Hills Designs necklace or charms. They are awesome! And reasonably priced too!!!! I love them! Check it out!!!
3. I belong to a book club and I was this months leader.  The book I picked was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  I LOVED it!!!!! Can't wait to watch the movie!
4. My friend N called me the other day and told me Clinique was having a free gift with a $25 purchase.  I was out of foundation and needed eyeliner so I jumped at the chance!!!!

#5. My Miss Lily is growing up :( I have found teeth all over the house this week.  Makes me sad she is growing up. On the plus side, I am hoping she'll STOP chewing on my shoes! :)

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