Fab 5 of the Week 8/11

What a hard week to get through. 
A friend from back home passed away and his funeral was this past Thursday.  It was so sudden and tragic.  Coming in for it, my old BFF and roommate L, who dated him for 5 years.  It was very bitter sweet.  I hate the reason why L had to come back home, but it was so nice seeing her.  It was as if time had never passed.
#1. Aunt J, L, and Casey Jo
L & me.  This was taken as I was dropping her off at the airport.  I miss her already.

#2. While in town, I visited with my Grandparents.  Lily loved playing with their cat.

#3. My Grandparents gave me apples from their apple tree.  These are the most amazing tasting apples I have ever had.  They make the best applesauce! So that is what I did today...make homemade applesauce and froze it....yum!
#4. The American Queen came into my hometown.  I love Marietta, my little hometown.  It's an old riverboat town.  It has a stern wheeler festival very year.

#5. My latest addiction...so good!!!!!


  1. Hi Jo, I am so sorry to hear about your friend who passed away, that is so sad. That was nice that you got to see your best friend. Love your pictures, especially the one with you in front of the boat. Also your applesauce looks yummy, makes me want to make some now too.

    1. Thanks Darlin! He was such a wonderful person who will be missed dearly. :)

  2. Lovely Blog :)
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
    Red Alice


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