My 12 Summer Must Haves!

1. I am in love with this fresh new color! It is Essie's Boom Boom Room!
(Trick- Put on 3 very LIGHT coats!)
2. A cute new pair of shades. I got these adorable shades from Gabes for $3.99! What a steal!
3. While shopping with my sister Casey Jo, I found these chic new sandals from Target. Whites & brights are in this summer!
4.  I LOVE chap sticks! (Actually, all lip products in general.) I try all kinds of brands and I like so many of them.  My hands down, absolute favorite, holy grail chap stick will always be the classic black Chapstick brand chap stick.
5. Ladies, always, always, ALWAYS use SPF on your precious face!!! I have super oily skin, and unfortunately, my foundation doesn't have SPF in it.  I have tried BB creams, sunscreens and they either break me out, or I have to blot my face 3 times a day.  Not with this! It is Clinique's super city block.  It is a little pricey, but I don't need to blot my face through out the day and I'm not shiny. I bought this last year and still have so much left over!
6. I am all about hats!  I got this cute hat from Sam Moon. I think I paid $9 for it.
7. I have been into cross body bags lately.  I also got this one from Sam Moon. $22.99
8. In Style magazine.  I LOVE  this magazine! This is by far my favorite out there.  I get so much inspiration from it. 
9. These bright colored necklaces are in this season!!! I think they are so cute! I love these because they are such an easy way to dress up your look.  I got this from Gabe's for $5.99! -That's right, a necklace & earring set for $5.99!
10. If you watched my May Hits & Misses video, you would have seen my all time favorite summertime lotion.  I love using Vaseline Aloe Fresh gel (lotion).  I always use moisturizer after shaving, but in the summer I get so sweaty.  I know it's gross, but I even sweat behind my knees.  I can't stand to put lotion on my legs, just to feel it melt off when I start sweating.  Gross! I don't have that with Aloe Fresh.  I LOVE it!!!
11. I am an anti-tanning bed kind of girl.  (I did my share of it when I was younger, but I am all about preventing skin cancer and preserving my face!) I try different self tanners.  I must say, this is my new fav! Jergens Natural Glow foam.  I felt like it blended evenly with my skin. 
Note: If your self tanner is more than a year old, pitch it!!!! If may look good at first, but as the day wears on you start turning orange!!! I have learned this on 2 different occasions!!!
12. Every girl needs a cute bathing suit for the summer time.  Even if you don't make it to the beach and end up in the back yard kiddie pool with your beach chair and a cooler of your favorite drinks & an In Style magazine....don't judge! lol!
I hope you enjoyed my summer must haves....What are some of yours???


  1. I'm going to look for that Essie color! Chap-stick original is my go to as well- reminds me of Mamaw. Love the suit its cute :)


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