DIY: Front Porch Ferns

I feel like my home is never complete in the summertime without a fern on the front porch. Maybe it's because my mom always had one on the front porch when I was growing up, but I just love them. 

One thing I hate doing is going to a greenhouse or Nursery to get ones already planted in fancy planters. They are always super expensive!!! Instead, I love to do it on my own!

A few weeks back I decided to plant some. I even got these cute planters from Dollar General for about $8 (I think!).  I love how something that only takes about 10 minutes to plant, makes such a difference in the front of my house!

The first thing I did was get those floral blocks  (I got mine at Walmart for a couple bucks I think) and stick them in the bottom of the planter. I do this for two reasons. 1 it takes up space that you would be wasting soil on. 2 they absorb moisture so it keeps your plants watered longer. 

Here is the first one finished. Look at how gorgeous those leaves look!

Planting completed. I absolutely love this.   Anyone else always have ferns on the front porch in the summer?


  1. Gorgeous! You've inspired me to get some this weekend - I love the curb appeal!

    1. Awesome! You should do it and post pics! I love getting feedback or see how others turn out!

  2. Those ferns look great on your porch. Amazing job!

    1. Thanks! I always love getting your sweet comments! :)


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