My Fab 5 of the Week 1/6

What a great start to the first week of January!
#1.  Made one of the easiest dinners ever! Crescent Sloppy Joes.  So good and so easy to make!

2. I am in love with these two polishes. This picture doesn't show how pretty and sparkly my ring finger really is.  I used Selena Gomez's Nicole polish on top of Essie's Ballet Slippers.

3. As much as I hate finals, I CAN'T wait for this semester to be over with!!!! I am soooo close!

4. I love my Christmas gift! And almond joy creamer tases amazing!!!!

5. Lily loves playing in the snow with the hubs!


  1. I love my Keurig!!!

  2. good luck with your finals!!
    i love ballet slippers. and that topcoat with it is gorgeous

  3. Love these! That nail color is so cute! I may need to pick it up. And good luck with finals, you can do it!


  4. Good luck with your finals, the nail polishes are lovely and I keep on seeing the ballet slippers shade advertised lol, xoxo.


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