My Fab 5 of the Week -12-30-12

What an amazing last week of 2012.
I liked 2012, It was a good year.
The hubs & I bought a house, I went back to school, and got to see my family more than I did in 2011.  I was extremely blessed this year!
This final week has been wonderful!
1. Christmas was amazing! I got to spend it with my whole family. And Lily had the most adorable dresses!
2. Girls Day! I had a wonderful girls day with my Grandmother, Mother, sister & cousin.  We all went to Gallipolis, OH to visit my cousin...then on to Point Pleasant, WV to the Mothman Museum. What a great day! We hit up some thrift shops along the way.  Got an awesome deal on two brand name vests and a pair of brand name jeans for $6!!!
 Me, Casey Jo, & S
 Casey Jo & our cousin S
Casey Jo, S, my grandmother, Mother, Cousin W & myself
3. Girl talk on Offenberger mountain. This past week I got to meet up with my Aunt and her friend Wi whom I haven't got to sit down and chat with in forever! It was so nice! It really is the little things in life that make you feel good. 
Wi, Aunt J & me earlier this summer.
4. Making my "non-resolutions." I never complete my new years resolutions.  So this year I am making non-resolutions.  I am focusing on bettering myself and making myself a better person.
photo from Google images
5. Bible in a year. I have read or "listened" to the whole bible while driving from TX to OH when I was moving. However, I don't think I paid too much attention to it.  I found this awesome website that emails you a certain amount of verses a day for a whole year.  It is called Bible In A Year. You just subscribe, choose how you want to read it, (chronologically, Genesis to Revelation, Alternating month to month, or New testament plus proverbs and psalms) and choose your bible version.  You can choose when you want to start it too!
Have a Happy & safe New Years everyone!


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