Pioneer Days

This past weekend I went with my family to Pioneer Days in Elizabeth, WV. Casey Jo & I too our car to the Pioneer Days car show.  
Casey Jo, our Mom & Myself

Sister Car!!!! Our 1959 Dodge Coronet

Elizabeth is where our roots are from. Our Dad's side of the family is from there, and many of them still live there.  After the car show we went to my Dad's cousins house for a cook out.  It was really nice. We all had a blast!

Court house

The old historic Little Kanawha Hotel
Elizabeth is an extremely small town.  (I pretty much gave you the whole tour through these photos)
Have you ever been there? Or know where it is?

They had a reenactment going on during the day.

Since we were going to be gone most of the day Saturday, I decided to bring Lily with me so she wouldn't be in her crate all day.  Big mistake y'all! Big mistake!!! For one, it is freaking fall and it was probably the hottest day of the year!!!! Lily was so hot and freaked she stayed on my lap the whole time until the end....and then she peed on my lap.  Not a little bit, but like a whole flippin gallon! I had no idea how one little Chihuahua could retain so much water!!! Luckily, I had an extra set of clothes...which I NEVER do! (Thank goodness!) So lucky me, I had to go commando the rest of the day because Lily peed though my underwear too.  That's just my awesome luck! lol! ...And we didn't win at the car show. Casey was livid and said it was rigged, as usual...we WILL win someday!
Anyone else have an exciting weekend?

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  1. Love the pictures, glad you had a great weekend with your family. We had a great weekend but it was chilly...I was in jeans, sweaters and a vest..while you were in the heat. Looks like you had a lot of fun.


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